Football has a rich history and it is being considered the most popular sport in the world. The first rules have been written in 1863, over 150 years ago.

Over the years, they have changed a little bit, and soccer itself has evolved quite a lot. Today, football is being played in almost every country in the world.

In the following, we will highlight the most memorable moments in football history.

The Danish Dynamite (1992)

At EURO 1992, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands were the big favorites to win the big event. The only team that wasn’t expected to have a chance was Denmark.

Yet, the Danish team included a few world-class players. It had the legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel and Brian Laudrup. The start was quite tough. Even so, Denmark won against France with 2-1, plus a place in the semifinals.

Denmark also won against Germany. That was the most bizarre victory in the history of the European Championships. It was a moment that remained in the history of football.

Greece (2004)

Greece entered the finals in Portugal. At that moment, no one expected this to happen. Yet, the Greek team, lead by German coach Otto Rehhagel, beat the hosts in the opening match.

Somehow, this team managed to get to the next phase in second place. The coach soon started to install an excellent discipline and work rate. As a result, Greece beat France. This wasn’t the end, because later beat the Czech Republic and Portugal in succession.

Moreover, it did this in succession, every time with the scoreline of 1-0. That year has been an exceptional one for Greece, thanks to the Rehhagel’s smart strategy.

Spanish Reign (2008-2012)

For many years, the Spanish national side was an amazing team. In fact, it was one of the best football teams in the world. Some of the best footballers of all time have played for Spain.

We all have seen amazing games from Spain. Yet, the nation never quite reached its full potential. That was until 2008. At that time, the head coach was Luis Aragones.

The big surprise was that the coach didn’t include the legendary Raul in the squad. Everyone went mad after this decision. Even though no one agreed with him, he was right. In fact, his decision was perfect.

The strategy he adopted brought the most successful period of Spanish football.

Brazilian Humiliation (2014)

When a state hosts the football World Cup, its chance to perform excellent rises a lot. If the country we are talking about is Brazil, then everyone will expect to get the trophy.

In 2004, Brazil was carrying the expectations of the entire nation on its shoulders. Neymar was an amazing player, but unfortunately, he got injured in the quarterfinals against Uruguay.

So, he couldn’t feature in the semifinals against Germany. Moreover, Thiago Silva was also out. Without their two great footballers, Brazil lost the game with 7-1. Germany had one of the best games in history.

The score was 5-0 before the 30th minute. That game was the biggest humiliation ever for Brazil.

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