Cricket is a very popular game in England, Australia, and India. It is being played between two teams, each team having 11 players. Not only this sport is interesting and challenging, but it is also excellent for health.

Here are the amazing health benefits of playing cricket.

It burns calories

This sport is a perfect exercise to burn calories. It is being estimated that a cricket player can burn up to 350 calories within one hour. Whether you are playing cricket as a professional or for fun, you will surely lose some weight.

Start playing cricket and you will soon see how easy the extra weight will be lost.

It reinforces muscular tissues

Cricket involves lots of muscle mass exercise because of throwing, striking, and pitching. Each task has some amazing benefits for every muscle. For example, the leg muscles are being enhanced as the player strikes and turns the sphere. The upper body and the arm muscle mass gain from the throws.

Cardiovascular health and wellness

There are a few short moments of running in cricket, which are more than useful for cardio health. Extreme physical activity helps to raise the heartbeat rate. A raised heartbeat is an excellent exercise for the heart.

Plus, it also stops blood vessels from blocking. When the heart pumps extra blood, the lungs pull in more oxygen. This is another great benefit because increased oxygen helps to avoid stroke.

Great balance and flexibility

Balance is also another aspect that a cricket player will improve through this sport. That’s because of the utmost concentration required while playing cricket. Plus, learning to move freely is something that comes with practice in this sport.

So, over time, you will have better flexibility. A great balance and better flexibility will help you have a correct body posture. You will not deal with any back or neck pains and other muscular problems.

Improved mental state

This is a health benefit that any sport offers. Cricket has a positive influence on the player’s emotional and mental state. If you feel lonely and depressed, then start playing cricket. This sport will definitely improve your mental state.

It will make you feel more relaxed, happier, and more optimistic. This is an excellent way to meet new people and socialize, which again will improve the mental state.

Physical fitness

Cricket can also help a lot with gaining and toning the muscles. All the sprinting and bowling requires the player to be constantly up and running. This will highly increase his physical activity level.

Improved motor skills

This sport helps the players develop stellar motor skills for batting, bowling, and catching. It exercises the body’s larger muscles including hamstrings, back, quadriceps, and chest. Enhanced muscle development is necessary for weight management.

We all know that fats are being converted into energy for fuelling the body. So, little breakdown of fats will enhance the rate of metabolism. This is another strong reason to start playing this sport.

Better concentration

Playing cricket on a regular basis helps increase concentration. During the game, the player must make quick decisions and think under pressure. Well, this is something that will enhance his ability to make a sound judgment. Playing this sport will help you achieve strong mental abilities.

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