Whether we call it football or soccer, there is no denying that this sport makes for some great events. If you consider yourself a football fan, then your bucket list has some of the Cups or tournaments.

If not, then here are the football major events that should be seen once in a lifetime.

FIFA World Cup

This event is often called the ’’World Cup’’. It is the biggest international football tournament in the world. The event is being hosted by FIFA, and it draws in a lot more viewers than the entire Olympic Games.

FIFA started to organize an international soccer tournament of its own, in 1904. In 1930, it hosted the first World Cup in Uruguay. Since then, the World Cup has been played every four years.

What makes the World Cup the best world soccer event is its cultural symbolism. The event represents peace, tolerance, and diversity. All these elements make it so famous in every corner of the world.

UEFA Champions League

This is an annual continental club football competition. It is being played between the top-division European football clubs. UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious competition in the world.

Plus, it is also the most prestigious club competition in European soccer. The League plays all year round. The first qualifying rounds start in the middle of July. At the moment, the League’s most successful club is Real Madrid. This team has won the competition ten times.

Since the games are being played all year round, it is much easier to attend a game in your own home country. Yet, the tickets are expensive and they sell quite fast. That’s why it is essential to buy them in advance.

UEFA European Championship

This is the primary soccer competition between the senior men’s national teams of the states that are members of UEFA. In the past, this event was called the UEFA European Nations Cups.

The purpose is to determine the continental champion of Europe. It is being held every four even-numbered years, between the World Cup tournaments. The event can be co-hosted by two neighboring qualified European countries.

The UEFA European Championship was founded in 1960. Since then, it has been played every four years. Since the event runs every four years, it is quite hard to get tickets and transportation.

Tickets should be purchased a year in advance. Also, the travel arrangements must be planned as soon as you know the hosting country.

Olympics Soccer

This sport has first introduced in the Olympics in 1908. In the early years, football in the Olympics has been played only by amateurs. It was more for entertainment and not a real competition.

Today, football is one of the most popular and followed sports competitions in the Summer Olympics. Planning to attend the Olympics can take lots of time. That’s because the tickets must be purchased at least one year in advance. Moreover, they are very expensive.

Traveling to the location will also take some planning. This event lasts only 17 days, which makes attending the Olympics less of a time commitment. Schedule your time as best as possible so that you can enjoy to the fullest this memorable event.

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