Football, this popular sport has been and still is very appreciated worldwide. In some parts of the world, football is also called soccer. Its history is amazing. Let’s find out together some interesting things about this sport.

The early history of football

The first known example of a team that involved a ball occurred in Mesoamerican cultures. This happened 3.000 years ago. Also, we want to mention that the ball was made out of rock.

The ball would symbolize the sun. Moreover, the captain of the team that would lose would be sacrificed to the gods. The first ball game that would involve kicking was called Cuju. It took place in the 2nd and the 3rd century, in China.

Other ball games had been known from Ancient Greece. The Roman culture has been the one that brought this game to the British Island. Yet, it is uncertain when British people have been influenced by this variety.

When has football taken its form?

The truth is that it took a long time until the features of today’s soccer had been taken into practice. For a very long time, there wasn’t a clear distinction between soccer and rugby.

Plus, there has also been plenty of variations about the ball’s size, the match’s length, and the players’ number. The most popular places where this game was played were the schools. The first attempt to make proper rules was done in 1848, at a meeting in Cambridge.

Another important event took place in 1863. That year, the first Football Association formed in England. Some strict rules have been taken. The main one was that carrying the ball with the hands was not allowed. At that meeting, the game was divided into two codes.

One was the football association and the other one was rugby. Yet, football continued to develop for a long time. There were no specific rules and players wouldn’t have uniforms. In the beginning, this sport was some sort of entertainment for the British working class.

The first football clubs

The oldest professional football club is the English club called Notts County. This club still exists today, even though it has been formed in 1862. Professional football has been legalized in 1885.

In 1889 the Football League has been established. In the first season, 12 clubs joined the league. Very soon, a lot more clubs became interested. The competition started to expand into several divisions. The British teams have been dominant for a long time.

Later, other clubs from Sienna, Prague, and Budapest became contenders to the British dominance.

The first and the greatest competitions

The first important football competition was the Football Association Challenge Cup. The competition was run in 1871. In 1883, the first international tournament took place. The tournament included England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

The famous FIFA was founded in 1904. The first FIFA edition was played in Uruguay, in 1930. Since then, it has returned every fourth year. There were only two exceptions due to the Second World War. Today, Champions League is the biggest global tournament for clubs.

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